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Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition that affects millions of people each year. It is caused by inflammation and irritation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. This can lead to pain and discomfort in the heel and arch of the foot, making it difficult to stand or walk for extended periods of time.

Fortunately, our chiropractors in Anaheim are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of plantar fasciitis. By conducting a thorough examination of the feet, posture, and ankle stability, they can identify the root cause of your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to address it.

Treatments for plantar fasciitis include:


Chiropractic adjustment

gentle, targeted technique to mobilize the joints in the foot and ankle, which can help to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. This technique can also help to improve overall foot and ankle function and mobility, which can help to prevent future injuries.

Stretching and exercise

are also important components of our chiropractic treatment for plantar fasciitis. Cur chiropractors can provide patients with specific exercises and stretches to target the plantar fascia and surrounding muscles. These exercises and stretches help to increase flexibility, reduce inflammation, promote healing and prevent future episode of plantar fasciitis.

Supportive Taping

In some cases, supportive taping may be used to provide additional support and stability to the foot and ankle. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort, and may be particularly beneficial for individuals who are experiencing severe or chronic pain.

Custom-Made Orthotics

Finally, custom-made orthotics may be recommended to provide additional support and cushioning for the foot. These devices are designed to fit the unique shape and contours of your foot, and can help to distribute pressure more evenly, reduce stress on the plantar fascia, and improve overall foot function.

At our chiropractic clinic in Anaheim, we believe in taking a holistic approach to the treatment of plantar fasciitis. By combining multiple modalities, such as adjustment, stretching, taping, and orthotics, we can help our patients to achieve long-term pain relief and improved foot and ankle function.

If you are experiencing foot pain, it is important to seek prompt treatment to prevent further damage and promote healing. Contact our chiropractic team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you to find relief from plantar fasciitis.

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